Brunswick Physical Therapy 8K October 15 2006

Sunday I ran in an 8K (4.97 mile) road race. It turned out pretty good. Here’s the traditional, long-winded race report!I left the house around 7:30am – thinking it would take me 30 minutes to go from Gardiner to Brunswick’s High School where the race started at 9:00am. The night before I thought I did a good thing by packing extra clothes, getting my running outfit ready to go, and gathering the food/water that I wanted to bring with me. I thought I was organized, however, just after I hopped on the interstate I noticed I forgot my running shoes! Oh boy. I went to the next exit (Richmond), turned around, went back to get the shoes, and then headed down the road again. That was the exit Jonathon and Julie got stuck at one night. Because I made the round trip a couple times that night with Julie and Jonathan, I felt pretty confident I still had enough time to make it to the race on time. So Julie, I’m glad I had that experience! (You guys probably still are not though)

I made it to Brunswick’s high school at 8:30am and got my race number. I was surprised that Ethel Hovencamp was there and she said hi! She is a physical therapist and volunteers at the race. We chatted a while. She had to get to her position on the course to give out water. I had to pin the bib on, change into my running shoes, and make my way to the start of the course. I saw her again at the water stop and then at the end when they were giving out awards (I didn’t win anything…)

The race started at 9:00am pretty much right on the nose. It was a good size – 164 people in the race results. The race was a loop, starting at the beginning of the high school’s driveway, and ending at the end of the driveway, beside the high school.

I started a few rows back from the front. I passed quite a few people in the first half mile or so, but didn’t feel like I was running too hard. A lot of people stayed right with me. I don’t recall anyone passing, but I’m sure people did. The first mile was a nice down hill. I thought I would have a pretty good time even though I wasn’t working too hard. It turned out to be 6:46 so it was fairly quick for me. I was thinking if I ran the whole 8K at a 7:00 minute pace I would be happy.

Mile two continued down hill and I thought that was good. I checked my heart rate on my monitor and saw it was 172 at the moment, but the recorded max was over 220, and the average was something like 189. I didn’t think those numbers were accurate – too high. I pretty much ignored the hear rate monitor though out the race after seeing those too-high-numbers. The mile two marker appeared and I checked my watch again and saw 7:02 for the previous mile. I was surprised. I thought I was running as hard as I did the first mile, but it was quite a bit slower than mile one. It didn’t bother me too much. I think the mile markers were off – maybe the first one was a little short and the second one a little long. I felt pretty sure I didn’t slow down or speed up. The course was certified, which means the entire length is accurate. The individual mark markers are not guaranteed though.

Mile one and mile two were mostly down hill. I was happy with the time I was getting, but felt like I needed to work harder. It was a race, and I shouldn’t feel good the whole darn way. I started to speed up, went around a corner, and saw the first up hill of the race. It’s kind of weird, but I actually was happy to see the uphill. I thought it would make it easier for me to work harder.

I started to pick people off one by one in mile three. There were enough people in the race to do that. I saw Ethel at the water stop during this mile. I didn’t take any water. Mile three came in the same amount of time that mile one had been – 6:46.

I guess I’m happy that mile four and the last .97 miles were not as “easy” as miles one, two, and most of mile three. I kept running hard, but there wasn’t many people to pass. I don’t think anyone passed me. I got by a couple people. At the mile four mark I do remember passing someone, then seeing the marker. I looked at my watch and saw the total time so far was 27:58. I was happy with that. In a four mile race I did last July my goal was to run it in less than 28 minutes, but the time then was 28:32. In yesterday’s race, after crossing the fourth mile marker, I didn’t notice the mile time. It turned out to be 7:16, the slowest mile. I’m still thinking the miles weren’t marked correctly. I don’t think I ran a different pace though out the race as the mile times indicate up to this point:  6:46, 7:00, 6:46, and then 7:16.

The last .97 miles was half down a hill, then up a hill – the longish drive way to the high school is up hill. At the end of the race, I hit the stop button on my watch, and it said the last “lap” was 6:32. At first I thought that was a good mile time, but then remembered it was only .97 miles not a whole mile. If you do the math, that would come out to a 6:44 mile. The total time of the race was 34:20 for a 6:54 pace. I’m happy with that.

There were a lot of awards given out. There were a lot of fast racers that got the rewards – quite a bit faster than me. Here are the results: I came in 30th place (out of 164), 13 of 30 in my age group.

That is the first line from my first 2011 race report: January 1 Set the Pace 5K.  The plan to meet that goal is to race once a month.  In previous years I raced from April to October. Adding races to January, February, March, November, and December is my 2011 experiment.

Soon after I finished the January 2011 race, I looked for a February race.  The one that interested me was the Luv ME 5K in Rockport on Valentine’s Day, February 13. Doreen had no ‘luv’ for a Valentine’s Day race though, so I had to find another.  This Topsham January 30 race was the closest February race I could find. So I’m going to be a little flexible with my 2011 goal.


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