Corinna Old Home Days 5K – July 1, 2007

I ran the “Corinna Old Home Days 5K” with Dad yesterday. It was a last minute decision. Last week Dad got a call from Aunt Elizabeth, letting him know that Corinna was having a 5K July 1. Dad called me asking if I would like to race it. I said sure!

It was a low-key, not-too-serious event. Just before the race started, a lady blew a whistle, and asked everyone to line up at the start. Everyone gathered around her. There was no “line in the sand” to get behind. Someone asked where was the start, and she pointed where we were standing and said, “right there looks good! It’s all good!” Oh Kay… Another person then asked everyone to move up 10 – 20 yards or so, so it made me feel a little better.


There were 20-30 people in the race (I don’t think the results will get published. I couldn’t find it on-line before the race). The friendly, “it’s all good,” race director said the course goes out the ATV trail, turns around and comes back. She warned us to watch out for people on ATV’s. They will have someone at the beginning of the race, and the turn around point asking riders to not use the trail during the race, but they can’t legally stop them from barreling down the trail. She didn’t sound confident that ATV driver’s would be concerned about runners.

The race started. It quickly went from a 20 to 30 person race to four: myself, a 13 year old, and a youngish couple (30 to 35 years old man/woman). We took off, leaving everyone else “in the dust.” The ATV trail was hard gravel / dirt. The first half mile had several pot holes. All of them were dry except for the last batch where two-three holes in a row were water filled. This was the first “cross-country/trail” race I have been is since high school. After the first half mile, the rest of the course didn’t have any terrain issues. Of course, it was an out-and-back course so the last half mile was the same pot-holed trail as the first half mile.

I thought to myself I may have a chance to win the race, after taking a look at the three who were *running with me in the lead pack* (always wanted to say that.) I thought the 13 year old was just an excited kid who started too fast. The other couple looked to be in good shape, but did not seem to have run many road races. They pinned their race bibs on the back of their shirts, not the front where they were supposed to be. I’m not a running snob. I’m glad they were there. I thought, hopefully I’ll be able to run these newbies into the ground (ha ha ha)!

The four of us kept running. We eventually got to the one and only spot where there was water in a few fairly large pot holes. The couple went to the right. I went to the left. The poor 13 year old went right threw the middle. I don’t know how he did it, but he didn’t get wet.

Eventually we saw a person sitting on an ATV with water bottles ready to be given out to the runners. The four of us just went by. I checked my time and it read 6:54. I thought he may have been at the one mile mark. I wasn’t sure. I knew I was running hard, but had no sense what pace I was going. I noticed the 13 year old wasn’t that good at pacing either. He would speed up,slow down, run to the right of the course, swing back to the left – sort of a wiry/twitchy young fellow. He wanted to lead the entire way. When either of the three of us *in the lead pack (ha ha)* pulled even with him, he would scoot in front.

The course was very straight with no turns. We saw another person sitting on an ATV near cones off in the distance. When we got to the guy, he said, “I think this is where you folks turn around.” OH KAY. He thinks it is the turn around point. I check my watch, and it read between 10:10 and 10:20 (I don’t remember). That seemed about right. Between the water break and the unsure-turn-around-guy, the lady in our group dropped back, and it was just the 30 to 35 year old male, 13 year old boy, and myself. Surprisingly, the 13 year old sped up after we turned around.

I did not expect that at all. I sped up and stayed with him for 50 to 100 yards or so. Then I decided to let him go. I couldn’t keep up with him. On the way back I saw Dad and all the other runners. I gave a friendly wave to the guy giving out water on the ATV. I felt embarrassed having all these people see the little 13 year old slowly pull away from me. (poor me…)

I came to the watery pot holes, and had plenty of room to get by them without getting wet. The course was so straight I saw the eventually race winner get cheered as he crossed the finish line. He came in first place with a 20:05 time. I came in second in 20:29. The third place guy was a minute behind me @ 21:30 something. All three of us got a trophy and our picture taken!

Corinna Old Home Days 5K - #2 and then #1

I’ll consider this a race, but I’m not sure how accurate the course was. I don’t think it was 3.1 miles. I suspect it was a little short, but there is just as good a chance it was long. Steven went with me and took some photos. I had a good time driving to the race with Steven, talking about his upcoming senior year and what his plans are for the future. Aunt Elizabeth was there and she took some photos too. You can see them here – (The photos were there 7/1/2007 – the page gets updated, so they might not be there in the future)

Corinna Old Home Days 5K - speedyCorinna Old Home Days 5K

Steven wanted to show everyone a picture of a car we saw on the way to Dexter. He wants to get it and fix it up. We suggested he wait until he graduates and lives on his own:

Gardiner 5 Miler 080Gardiner 5 Miler 081


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