Running Log – Part One (Main Screen and Defaults)

Microsoft Access Running log:

Main Screen


The Minutes/Mile, green text at the bottom, lower right combo box, and M(muscle) F(fat) are computed.

If Est is checked the type (endurance) is selected. Otherwise the type is computed by the entered max/avg/min heart rate values.

The rest of the data is manually entered.



Maximum heart rate is used to determine zones. Height is used to calculate BMI.

Heart Rate Zones


The percentages are used with maximum heart rate to determine heartbeats per minute for each zone.



The “Paces” entered on this page are used to compute training and race pace suggestions based on pace of marathon pace heart race. See and the book, “Daniel’s Running Formula” by Jack Daniels for information.

Time in Zone


Clicking “Compute From Log” loops through the log identifying the most improvement. The time spent at the pace during that period is what displays on the screen, for all types except Recovery. Recovery time is the difference of 100% minus the sum of the other percentages of time.

Sample copy/paste into Excel Spreadsheet of “Display Results from Last Run” Button



The numbers/data are my opinion and thoughts. You probably don’t want to believe them.

Sample copy/paste into Excel Spreadsheet of the factors:



These are used on the main form to populate the route combo box.

Equipment History


The columns equipment, start, end, selectable, and price are what can be entered. The miles, time, and pace are calculated. Placing a check in the selectable field causes the row to be at the top of the drop down list when adding a run. The other rows are available, just at the bottom of the list.



The columns from, to, end, and notes are what can be entered. The # weeks are calculated. Just a place to make miscellaneous comments.


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