Portland Irish Road Rover 5K March 9, 2008

This is the second slowest 5K I have run since I started in 2001. It was a nice effort though. The first mile was 7:21 with an average heart rate of 164. Mile two was also 7:21, and the heart rate went up to 184. I was able to speed up for mile three, doing that one in 7:18. Average heart rate was 188. Kind of funny: I thought that was my maximum heart rate!  My Garmin measured .152 miles to finish the race. I covered that in 1:04 (7:18 pace), and averaged 189 beats per minute. I feel good about being able to get my heart rate to that level, with out, well, dying  …

It was a well run event. Lots of people in the race. I think I read over 600 were signed up. The results are not on-line yet. I lined up pretty well, not having to dodge too many at the start. Going up hills I noticed the pace on my Garmin read close to 8:00 minute miles a few times. One time, hurtling down a hill, I saw 5:55! I was able to pass people quite a bit. I ran about as hard as I could. Maybe a little left on the course, but not much.

Anyway … the final time was an embarrassing 23:01. I say embarrassing, not because that is a horrible time, but last summer I ran several 20:xx, 5K’s. It was very cold today, plus I am getting over a pretty bad head cold. I think if I run that effort in a couple months, I will be two or three minutes faster! That’s my hope anyway.

Here’s a picture I found. It’s not pretty, but no one ever said running was!


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2 Responses to Portland Irish Road Rover 5K March 9, 2008

  1. TroyHartley says:

    Hey Dean! Congrats on running at all given how sick you have been. Not loosing your breakfast on the course was a win all by itself. And drinking all that green beer the night before probably didn't help either.
    Sooooo, why run with only ONE mitten on??? Cheers, Troy

  2. dhartley86 says:

    Thanks – as for the mitten – I was getting ready to stop the watch, and didn't think I had the skill to stop it with the mitton on.

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