Brunswick Hot Pursuit 5K May 4 2008

20:51 was the time of today’s race. I am happy. The last race was 21:01 at the Unity College Spring 5K April 19. It is only ten seconds faster, but 20:51 sounds a lot better than 21:01.

I got in line to pick up my race packet. The lady handed it to me and said, “Did you get such a low number because you are fast?” My bib number turned out to be “2.”  I explained it was probably because I was registered early, but thought she made a funny joke. Thanks Troy – this was the last of the races you got me for Christmas last year. The other ones were the 10 Mile Mid Winter Classic Cape Elizabeth February 3 and the Portland Irish Road Rover 5K March 9.

I found a corner in the large room where registration was happening, and pinned the bib on my shirt. A couple minutes later, a fellow racer asked, “Did you come in second place last year?” Ho! Ho! Thanks buddy! I thought. That was one happy moment. I must look fast! Hee Hee. I explained how my brother registered me for this race as a Christmas present, and thought I was probably the second person to register, but definitely will not be the second person to finish.

I then went for a 13-minute run to warm up. Not on purpose, but that was the number of minutes it ended up being. It was a rainy day. I lined up to start the race. A fellow made a witty pre-race speech, a neat bagpipe band played a song, and the race started with a cop car speeding off with its siren blasting. The Brunswick Police Department organized the race, honoring police forces everywhere.

My goal was to run 20:59 or better – which was around 6:45 pace. My plan was to run hard, speed up if I noticed my Garmin showed a slower than 6:45 pace, and slow up if I saw something faster than 6:45. More often I had to pick the pace up. A few times I saw 6:30’s, but felt good so kept running hard.

Mile one went by in 6:48. Mile two was 6:41. Mile three – 6:47. The last .1 miles were in 35 seconds. Covering 3.1 miles in 20:51 comes out to just under 6:44 minutes per mile. I am happy, and hope to get faster at upcoming races.

Here is the link to the results: I came in first place in my age group. Unfortunately, I left before the rewards were given out. I wish I had not left. I find it discouraging when winners do not hang around to claim their recognition.

Thanks for reading. My next race is June 21, the Gardiner 5 Mile Road Race.


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