Guilford Community Fitness 5K Road Race – July 26, 2008

Everyone needs to check if pigs are flying, Hector found his pup, or that Hell has frozen over because I actually won yes WON a race! Yea me! Ha. It was a small, not very talented group of racers, but I was the first person to cross the finish line. That means I won.

Doreen, Steven, and I just came back from Canada (our travel vacation this year), and were staying in Dover Friday into Saturday. Dad told me about the race, and I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately Dad was not feeling well, and skipped it. I had not run the actual race in the past, but have run over the course with quite a few of the folks who entered the race. They are Dad’s (and sometimes my) running buddies, and a fun crowd to hang around.

At the start a couple people toed the line, but most were reluctant to get close to the front. I wanted to be in row two as that is where I normally start, but nobody wanted to get in front of me. It started and everyone tore off. I held back, and let half the runners get in front of me. There were only about 20 people in the race, so not many were ahead of me. Within a 1/4 to 1/2 mile I was comfortably in fifth place, and thought that would be a good goal – 5th place!

Right after setting the 5th place goal someone passed me, kind of ruining my plan. However, I stuck with him and passed someone else to maintain 5th place. The person who went by me was in his 20’s, looked strong, and I thought would be the eventual winner. I let him go, and settled into my happy fifth place goal. Shortly after though, I caught two fellows who apparently went out too fast. One was an older guy who Dad and I have run with. He told me to “go get ’em.” The other guy turned out to be his son-in-law.

I got to mile one with a time of 6:57. I was in third place, and thought about the Olympics. I decided to go for Bronze – third place not fifth. A hill started at the end of mile one, and did not really end until the start of mile three. It was a challenging course. I had quite a bit of distance to cover to catch up with the leader and #2, and didn’t expect that I would do it. I kept running the same effort/pace, and around 1.5 miles I was right behind them. “How did that happen?” I remember thinking to myself.

At the 1.5 mark, the person in second place slowed. Wow – I was actually in second place, running a half a step behind the leader, who turned out to be in my age group. At one point a car was heading toward us. I hopped in front to let the car go by. A little bit later another car came, and this time the other guy took the lead. Other than that we ran side by side until mile two. It took me 7:07 to cover that mile, 10 seconds slower than the first mile. However, it was mostly up hill so I think the effort was stronger. The other guy though probably finished mile one in 6:30 or so, which means he covered mile two between 7:25 and 7:35. The time at mile two was 14:05. Oh, if I could only think when I am racing. I would know this guy would not be able to keep up the pace because he started way too fast. Oh well, I pulled ahead of the guy at the start of mile three, and ended up beating him by 15 – 20 seconds! Deep down I think I knew I was going to win!

Guilford was having a “celebration” day, and a parade was going to go through the middle of town. I ran as hard as I could through downtown Guilford. There were lots of people watching me. I heard someone say something like “oh, here comes a racer.” I thought, “a racer? Don’t you mean the first racer?” At one point I thought about raising my hands and asking people to cheer! Luckily I hadn’t run hard enough to be so uninhibited, so I did not do that.

I finished mile three in 6:58 and the last .1 or so miles went by in 42 seconds for a total of 21:45. Not a great time for me, but a win is a win. Some where I am sure a fat lady is singing!

I think my next race will be in September. Thanks for reading!


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One Response to Guilford Community Fitness 5K Road Race – July 26, 2008

  1. Practice makes perfect. First I will try the Haka which I have just about perfected and then I will challenge you to a 1km race. Hope you are up to it.

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