Augusta Rise ‘N Shine 5K Road Race – September 26, 2008

Friday morning, bright and early, I ran my last 5K of 2008. The final time was 21:08. I did not think I ran it in the most efficient manner. Here are the individual mile times: 6:36, 6:50, and 6:56; the final .1+ miles were 46 seconds – a classic positive split. Kind of a bummer. If I had held back a little in the first mile, I may have finished with a faster time. I really think I could have got 20:59 or better. Oh well, racing is not easy.

It was the first time I entered this one. It is called the “Rise ‘n Shine” 5K because it starts at sunrise the last Friday in September. I am not sure I like early workday morning 5K’s. Sitting all day at a desk for work, after running hard, is not pleasant. The radio station 92 Moose was broadcasting from the race. Their morning DJ, John James, was there. I always pictured him looking like the DJ from the old “WKRP in Cincinnati” television show. The DJ that DESPISED Barry Manilow. I cannot remember the character’s name. 92 Moose’s DJ, John James, didn’t quite look like the TV show’s DJ, but there is a resemblance.

The race started at 6:35AM or so. It was a little late. Sunrise was at 6:32AM. The start was down a hill, but the end was back up it. That was a big reason my first mile was the fastest. The other miles were very flat. The start was near the Kennebec Savings Bank in Augusta. The course went by a fire station, took a sharper than 90 degree right into the Maine State Housing parking lot, out the rail trail a bit, then turned around, and back to the start.

The miles were marked, and the first mile had a timer. My Garmin was spot on for each mile and also at the finish. The race director said the race was wheel measured, and it seems they did a good job getting it right.

Here are the results:

One more race this year – the Physical Therapy 8K in October! Thanks for reading this.


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2 Responses to Augusta Rise ‘N Shine 5K Road Race – September 26, 2008

  1. TroyHartley says:

    Hey Mr. Serious Runner…what do you think of the controversy surrounding the marathon record holder (who holds the 3 fastest times ever)? That he is essentially running time trials. He is crowned the winner before the race ever starts, he has rabbits running for him to set the pace, and then he burns in to a record time on a fast course in Berlin?

  2. dhartley86 says:

    I have not picked up the controversy vibes about the current marathon record holder (Haile Gebrselassie). However, those complaints/issues do come up.
    Setting records on fast courses is an interesting one. I have been trying to break 20 minutes in a 5K for quite some time. Sometimes the only way I think I will be able to do it is if I fall off a 3.1 mile mountain. I'd probably take it though.
    Re: rabbits – I remember when Paula Radcliff set the woman's marathon record in London. People mentioned/complained that she ran with male runners. She finished around 2:15. The male runners probably could have run it four or five minutes faster if they wanted.
    Both with fast courses and rabbits, I say no big deal – the person has to run the distance over the time – it should count.
    The only thing I hope does not happen is it comes out that performance enhancing drugs were used.

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