Doreen’s cats!

June 2nd Doreen fostered the following girls and guy:

She gave them back to the shelter August 2, with the following descriptions. If you read “between the lines,” I think you can tell who was the runt of the litter, the leader, which one likes to be held, and the ones who don’t. Hopefully they will be adopted soon:

Mitten: I am active and goofy, so put away your breakables before you adopt me! I would love to play with you or other kitties. I am a lot of fun!

Patches: I may be the small, but I have a lot of energy and spunk. I love to play with other cats and can be your best friend too!

Lemon: I am a sweet kitty who would love to be king in your home. I don’t talk very much, but my deep purring will warm your heart. I love to play, but also like to sleep in your lap sometimes.

Twin#1-Marigold – I am a sweet kitty. I like to play with toy mice and other kitties. During nap time I would sometimes like to sleep in your lap.

Twin#2-Brample – Hi! I am a fun loving kitty. I love to play with toy mice and jingle balls. I like to sleep near you and once in a while on your lap.

*Doreen did not do a write up for this one. She decided to keep it. This one was always by Doreen’s side, and turned into her favorite. This one picked Doreen and Steven it seemed.

Persimmon – I am loving and gentle, and would love to go home with you. I like to play sometimes, and my favorite activities are chasing toy mice and strings and being brushed. My favorite place to be is near you, and I like to be held sometimes too. It would be best if my litter box was scooped once per day. Regular, clumping, unscented, clay litter is the best choice for me. Please talk to staff about cat food for me.




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