Old Orchard Beach Breakaway 5K August 22 2009

For the first time since I started running back in 2001, I have come down with a running injury. Bummer. Troy, Julie, Mom, and Dad all have complained about ailments/pains in the past. I always gave support, but secretly scoffed at their weakness and wimpy attitudes. Now it is different, though – I am in pain and misery!  🙂

I signed up for this race a few months ago. My injury (left foot, I think Plantar Fasciitis (PF) which Mom also had/has) was bothering me, but I thought I would be able to run through it and it would heal. As the goal of every 5K this summer, I wanted to run each kilometer of the race between 3:57 and 4:03, and finish the race in less than 20 minutes. Yet again, it did not happen. This was the slowest race of the year: 21:08. That is a popular time for me, as last year I ran that time a couple times.

The first three kilometers were not bad: 4:01, 4:04, and then 4:07. Never got below four minutes. My left foot doesn’t bother me much while running. I feel it, and notice a difference. The pain does not appear until I sit and not use the foot. Getting up and moving around eventually eases the pain; classic PF symptoms.

The last two kilometers were 4:28 and then 4:28. At the two mile mark, a volunteer yelled “13:10.” I need 12:59 or better. I called it a day/season/year, after passing him. I continued to run hard, but not full-out/got-to-make-up-time effort required. I left some on the course. I forgot to bring my heart rate monitor strap with me. I do not have a heart rate graph, but suspect the line would have gone down at the end.

Here is the pace/elevation graph:

A very flat race, which is good. I plan to do this one again next year.

Had a nice kick at the end, which is shown by the drop in the blue line from around seven minutes per mile to below six minutes per mile. My old cross-country coach use to scream something like this to me: “IF YOU CAN RUN HARD AT THE END, IT MEANS YOU DID NOT RUN HARD DURING THE RACE!” All that screaming is probably why I didn’t like to run back then.

Next race won’t be until next year!


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