Bike Rides

I went for two bike rides:

Saturday, 12.54 miles 1hr 13m 37s. Going out was on the rail trail, so it was very flat. Going back was back roads, and very hilly.

Today, Monday, I went 5.88 miles in 36 m 32 s. It was fairly flat.

My back has been sore lately! I pulled a muscle or slipped a disk or some such nonsense. Bike riding doesn’t hurt – as much – as running.

Steven and I plan to ride from Orono, ME to Gardiner, ME (90 or so miles) sometime this summer.

Edit May 13 –
Drove some of the course to check out elevation and mileage, etc. Here is a map:

Here are a couple elevation maps of normal runs to compare:

It’s going to be tough!

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I like to read, run, and watch tv.
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2 Responses to Bike Rides

  1. Good Luck Dean, Better You than me. I will stick to the fairways for my exercise.

  2. TroyHartley says:

    Awesome Dean! I just bought a new bike from I'm still doing a 25mile ride on the weekend. I couldn't clip off 90miles though without more frequent rides to get used to sitting in the saddle that long — that will be the hardest part. Your ass will really hurt. My new bike is more of a road bike than my old hybrid, which road more upright. So I've been a bit more sore than normal, getting used to riding in a different position. But its a fairly fast bike; I cannot make it go as fast as it wants to. Its not too insane,, a cyclocross with 27-speeds, in black. Lot of nice trails down here; you'll need to bring your bike when you visit.
    Cheers, Troy

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