Falmouth Hockey 5K Inaugural Run March 19, 2011

Waiting patiently for the time to leave. The race started at 9:30AM. This is probably 7:30AM or so.  Doreen and I left around 8:00AM.

Warming up in my favorite Red Sox shirt, checking watch. Don’t want to be late.

YEAH! Finished warm up, so race must be just about to start…

Yes, this is exciting. We are all in line waiting to go!!!!

Everyone seems exited…

Yup, we are going to race.

I’m pretty sure it started about this time….

Ok, we are off. Oh no, count what place I am in! Hope no one is superstitious.

The start was up a hill, but the race was actually mostly flat or down hill. I started well. Getting to mile one in 6:57. My goal was to run each mile in seven minutes, so things were going well.

Doreen took a lot of great pictures, as you can see. This is at the end. The end ran by the finish line, went into the drive way of Falmouth’s Middle School, then looped around back to the end. It is a bummer to see the “end,” before the actual end. Mile two wasn’t as good as mile one: 7:16.

This is also in Falmouth’s Middle School long drive way, almost done…

Sprinting to the finish after a….

… miserable 7:40 mile three, and 1:01 for the final .1 miles 😦

Total time a disappointing 22:54. I was hoping to be 21:59 or better. Need to stop fooling around on the rebounder, and just run.

Here are the heart rate, elevation, and pace graphs:

The heart rate had the weird dip at the start. It happened at the Camden Set the Pace 5K on January 1, 2011. I am happy with the effort. The heart rate line stayed high and mostly flat, even with the down hill.

The pace chart shows I started at goal pace. Couldn’t maintain it, but I gave it a shot. I’ll get ’em next time

Race results here.  Finished a respectable 11 of 43. Official time 22:50. I am impressed with the organization of the race, especially how it is the first time it was held. Great job to volunteers and organizers!


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One Response to Falmouth Hockey 5K Inaugural Run March 19, 2011

  1. Maryann Hartley says:

    Looked like it was a cold run. It’s harder to run in cold weather when you have to wear so many clothes. {take off that red sox shirt ,yankee shirts are made to soar in like a new york jet} Also watch out for the number thirteen!!! Great run though with all the handicaps!!! Doreen is taking great pictures hope you pay her well . Mom and Dad

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