Dover-Foxcroft Pony Pride 5K August 6, 2011

I have raced today’s 5K course four other times: 2001 21:59, 2002 21:27, 2007 20:15, and 2009 20:58. I enjoy trying to predict race times based on past training. 2001 and 2002 were long ago. I do not think that information is applicable. I went all bohemian in 2007, not recording stuff, not wearing a watch, etc. The training worked, it was the fastest time for me. However, it took a big chunk of enjoyment away. I have a list of the workouts I did back then, and duplicated them, as best I could, in 2009 and again this year. I have not been able to get back to 2007’s times.

Comparing the 19 weeks leading up to today’s race to the 2009 race revealed I ran 40 fewer miles, and the miles I ran were slower.

These two pictures accurately describe the race, and my 2011 racing, very well.
Here I am in front of a racer just after the 2.5 mile mark:

Here I am well behind the other racer just after the three mile mark:
To race better, I need to run more and faster.

Here are the mile times, splits, and overall pace:

Mile Time Split
1 6:54 6:54
2 6:47 13:41
3 7:00 20:41
.1 0:35 21:16
Overall Pace: 6:52

The elevation, heart rate, and pace graphs:

The heart rate line surprised me. I do not like to see those dips. I may have coasted down hills, though I do recall increasing pace. Something to think about.

The pace line shows the slow start I had. I was not close enough to the start to go out at the pace I wanted. I don’t understand how the pace line goes up at the end. I thought I had a good kick.

The course:

I have not signed up for a September race.  Will try to find one close to Gardiner/Augusta.


Thanks for reading.


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