Guilford Race To End Domestic Abuse 5k Race October 2, 2011

Doreen and I got up at 6:00AM and were heading to Guilford by 7AM. At 6:15 I took two ibuprofen tablets to reduce inflammation due to a sore left knee that has been bothering me for a couple weeks. It did the job as the knee was not a bother during the race.  We arrived in Guilford at 8:50AM.  I picked up the race packet, and got ready for the 9:30AM start. Doreen took these photos while we waited:

This is the first race in a while that needed long shirt and pants. It wasn’t too cold though, and many ran with shorts and a t-shirt, but I decided not to. The first mile or so was a gradual down hill:

and went by in 6:45. I’ll have to check, but I think that is the fastest mile I have done in a race this year.

The out and back course started at Guilford’s Elementary School and made its way to a trail next to the Piscataquis River.  Mile two can be described as rolling. That mile went by in 7:11. My overall pace was 13:56, just under a seven minutes per mile.

Mile three made it back to where the race started, back up the hill that we came down during the first mile. Mile three went by in the same time as mile two: 7:11.  Total three mile split was 21:08, creeping over 7:00 pace.

When I heard my finish time, 22:36, I was disappointed. However, I think the course was long.  My Garmin reported 3.2 miles not 3.1 .  The last .2 miles took 1:28. This is what I entered into my Access running log: 3.1 miles (5K) in 21:50 (21:06 + 44 seconds: half of the 1:28). I then entered a .1 run in 44 seconds.

Just a ho-hum race, but those are good too. After the event Doreen and I went to Dover and hung out a bit before heading to Orono to see Steven and then home:

Not sure if I will race again this year due to my sore left knee. We will see.

The elevation, heart rate, and pace graphs:

I was happy with the effort, and the heart rate line looks good to me.

I went out fast. The first 1/3 mile or so was faster then the rest of the race. From that point the pace was very consistent, I thought.

Here is the course:

Thanks for reading!


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