Dover-Foxcroft Pony Pride 5K August 3, 2013

My first race in almost two years. Having raced this course several times helped prevent nervousnes, but the span between races was evident: I forgot all pre/post race supplies. One of my old posts lists what I need. In the future I need to read that post.

I had a nice time pre-race chatting/warming up with my High School Geometry teacher Mr. (Gary) Larson. We went for a half mile warmup. Gary is a fellow heart rate numbers geek. I’m glad to find someone who “understands” as most people aren’t interested in the data. He mentioned his last race was around 23 mintues. I thought that was a good goal, so planned to stick close to him. He is 68 years old, 21 years older than me. Doreen got a nice picture of  us:


Mom took nice pictures of the pre-race pep talk, and the start:



I have been running with a knee wrap, and had a problem with it at the start of the race. First time I recall that happening. It fell down my left leg. I reached down, and slid it back up. However, it crept down again. I pulled off to the side, took it off, and re-wrapped the knee. I think it was a 20 to 30 second event, but I am not sure. It was fine during the warmup. Standing around with it caused the issue. Something to remember.

Mile one went by in 8:07. I started farther back then normal, and with the knee wrap delay, I passed a lot of people during the first half mile or so. It made me feel I was running fast, but knew it was misleading. Going into the race I had a “don’t set the bar too high” thought, so I was not too discouraged.

The course markers were well marked this time. That’s a good thing. Mile two started at the fair grounds and half of it was down hill, and  the rest flat or up hill. I got to mile two in 15:37, covering that mile in 7:30. Gary Larson was in sight, but I was not able to catch him. The rain let loose during the mile. A bunch of us ran through town. People were working hard setting up tents to stay dry as they got ready to sell stuff during the festivities of Alumni weekend.

The last mile has a nasty hill in the middle. I told Dad that seeing him on top of the hill motivates me to run hard up it. Doreen, Mom, and Dad were there again, and they snapped this picture:


Mile three was faster than the first two miles: 7:26. I arrived at the three mile mark in 23:03. I covered the last .1 miles in a blistering 23 seconds (sub 4 minute mile pace!) The results posted here (Pony Pride 5K) shows I finished the race in 23:26.  I was hearing footsteps behind me, and didn’t want to get passed in the end.

I certainly feel I didn’t set the bar too high, and am exited to race again.

I am bummed to say my Garmin is no longer working. I went for a run with it one day in a torrential down pour, and now it doesn’t start. Work has provided a Blackberry smartphone, and I am now using to record workouts. Here are maps and graphs grabbed for this race:



Pace / Elevation graph: Note – I did not stop the clock at the end of the race. The time reported at EndoMondo was 24 minutes even.


The Blackberry has the ability to record heart rate, but I have not bought the equipment needed. I might do it in the future.



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