Old Hallowell Days 5K July 19 2014

I had hoped to race more after my last race: Dover-Foxcroft Pony Pride 5K August 3, 2013.  Oh well, I am glad I made it to this one, even though it was almost one year after the last.

A lesson from the Dover race was to make sure I had all the supplies I needed: running sneakers, towels, change of clothes, drinks, etc. The only thing I forgot this time was my knee wrap. Kind of a critical thing to not have, but my knee cap did not fall off, so I guess it wasn’t too bad not to have it.

Doreen decided not to go as she was feeling rushed because after the race we were heading to Dover to celebrate Dad’s 74th birthday. She snapped this picture of me: 20140720BeforeHallowell5K

She said I should have held my stomach in! She’s right – again: oh well.

I made it to the race about 45 minutes before the start. I picked up the race packet, which included a nicely done t-shirt. I ran / walked around for several minutes, then remembered I usually run a 5 minute out and back as a warm up, so went ahead and ran this:

20140719WarmUpI stopped the gps after 10 minutes 7 seconds, and it indicated I had run 1.09 miles for a 9 minute 17 second pace. I still had 15 minutes or so before the start, so found a secluded spot and waited. I took this photo:

20140720Blackberry 080The “before race starts” energy was flowing, and is a cool moment.

At 7:27AM or so we all went to the middle of the main road, heard the pre-race speech, stopped traffic for a while, and then were off. I started mid-pack, and went with the flow for a minute, but decided I was in a race, so picked up the pace. It was fun passing people. It was crowded enough to keep me going for the first mile: 7 minutes 45 seconds.

I felt that was a good tempo/steady pace, but because this was a 5K race, I pushed more, and ran harder during the second mile. I was able to pass more people. This is a good way to start my hard workouts, as over the last several months I have only been running 10 minute or slower miles. Mile two went by in 7 minutes 33 seconds, and I think that was faster than tempo pace, pretty close to a good 5K pace for my current shape.

The last mile was cruel, with a steep and long hill. Two – maybe three – people slowed to a walk, and I was able to pass quite a few again, going up the hill. However, the end of the race had a nice down hill, and a few people were able to catch up and pass me. The results showed I finished the race in 23:42, so the last 1.1 miles were in 8:24, for a 7:38 pace. I am happy with that. Overall pace was 7:39.

Here is the course, elevation, and pace graph:
20140719Hallowell5KHere are the results: link.



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