Brunswick Run For Independence 5K May 17 2015

This race was my May one and picked due to it being the lowest entry fee ($15) I could find this month. As documented in my last post, here are races I could have done, but did not due to higher entrance fees:

5/2 Better Homes and Gardens 5K Augusta $17
5/2 The George Kohl Memorial 5K Oakland $20
5/2 Stomp Out Homelessness & Hunger 5k Kennebunk $25
5/3 Hospice House 5K $25 Farmington
5/9 HVWA and L.N. Clark Inspiration Network 5th Annual Run/Walk for a Life 5K Waterville $15 I may have done this one, but the only way I could see to sign up is on line. That would add a dollar or two. The Run for Independence had a link to pdf so the application can be mailed in.
5/9 Fly Like an Eagle 5K South China $20
5/9 Dash For Dancers 5K Waterville $30 (wow)
5/16 Bobcat 5K Brunswick $20
5/31 Safe Voices 2015 Walk/Run to End Domestic Violence Lewiston $25

I purposely did not get supplies ready for this race the day before. I had a 30 minute drive to the race, and with the registration starting at 8AM, had plenty of time to get what I needed in the morning, so was able to be lazy the night before. Check out other posts to see the list of things I bring.

Doreen and I made it to the race a little after 8AM. She snapped this picture before the race. I showed the Blackberry Cell Phone that records the pace, map, and elevation data that I add to the end of these race posts.


After getting the race bib, t-shirt, and a few other items, I went for a 1.05 mile warm up run in 10:12 – a 9:40 per mile pace.

PreRace1 PreRace2 PreRace3The event was well run, and had three races: my 5K, a 10K – which started 10 minutes before the 5K, and also a mile run that started when I was running the 5K.  It also had a few booths, one being from Duncan Donuts that had this wheel thing runners spun to win prizes.  I came VERY CLOSE to winning Boston Red Sox tickets. I mean, I thought I won them for a second, but the wheel thing spun a click or two too far, and I ended up with a key chain. The people asked Doreen to give it a try, and she won a $3 gift card. She thinks she’ll be able to get something real good, waiting for a sale and coupons to get even more!

Just about 9:15AM I got in line, and we were off.

Line1 Line2 Line3 Line4 Line5The race had a few turns, reminding me of the Dover 5K when many, many street names were listed in the directions: Magean Street, Barrows Street, School Drive, Columbia Street, Moore Avenue, McKeen Street, Spring Street, and Thompson Street.  At the end of the turn-by-turn instructions everyone was just going to follow the person in front of them, and hope the course was well marked and volunteered. It was.

The start did have the leaders going in the wrong direction, but they quickly got back to the correct course. There were odd mile markers. I think the first one read “.5 miles.” At the time I am sure I ran almost one mile.  When the one mile mark appeared, that seemed right. Mile one went by in 7:15.  I think the markers were indicating how many miles are left in the race, but I never quite figured out what they meant.

Here are a bunch of pictures Doreen snapped between the 1/2 and 3/4 mile mark:

IMG_0385IMG_0386IMG_0387IMG_0388IMG_0389IMG_0390After the first mile or so, I ran by myself.  Results are here: I finished almost 10 seconds behind the person who beat me, and over 20 seconds ahead of the person who finished just after me. Mile two went by in 7:42. That’s a little disappointing. I wish I had kept up the mile one pace.

The final mile was faster than mile two, but not as fast as mile one: 7:36. If you look at the results, I came in number nine. I tried very hard to catch up with the two people who finished in seventh and eight. I could not.

IMG_0391 IMG_0392 IMG_0393 IMG_0394Here is a picture of the warm up I did:

WarmUpHere is the map, pace, and elevation information Endomondo captured of the race:

raceThanks for reading. I am going to find the cheapest June 5K in my area for the next race.


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