Augusta Amy Buxton Underdog Jog 5K June 13 2015

The fastest 5K I have done this year was the Unity College Spring 5K April 18. I did not write the total time. I wrote the splits: 6:58, 7:33, 7:04, and then 31 seconds for the last tenth of a mile. Oh well, I’ll write the total time for that 5K here: 22:06.

The second 5K this year was the Run For Independence 5K on May 17. For some reason I am not writing total times.  I’m writing splits: 7:15, 7:42, and 7:36. I did not record the final .1 miles.  Probably because the Endomondo GPS program I use only recorded 16 seconds. I suspect the course was short. Endomondo recorded 3.07 mile. Total time: 22:49.

I am not writing total race times, but am obsessing about entry fees this year. I picked this race because it was the lowest one I found this month of June: $15. That was the same as the Run For Independence, but not a low a the $10 Spring 5K. All other races this year have higher, some much higher, entry fees.

I am still interested in other numbers. For example, the April race had a 331 foot raise and 530 foot drop in elevation; 199 net down hill.  That helped that fast time! The May race: 276 ascent and 260 descent; 16 foot net up hill. That explains why race #2 was slower than #1. This race?  284 up; 252 down; 32 net up hill. I’m taking this as evidence I am in better shape now than last month. Even though the elevation profile was slightly more challenging, I finished a few seconds faster: 22:46. Three seconds is three seconds.  The splits were 7:14, 7:43, 7:14, and 35 seconds. It also appears to be a true 5K. Endomondo reported 3.1 miles.

Doreen was not available to travel to this race. I showed up at the Augusta High School, and had a challenge finding the registration booth. After I found it, a couple people asked me where it was so I was not the only one.  I went for a warm up; five minutes out and back. Ended up being 1.16 miles:

20150614warmupThe course starts the same way my warmup went. Out .5 mile and then back for the first mile. Then it travels around a loop.

I had 30 minute or so before the race started. A person I worked with was there and we talked about the course. He ran it earlier in a training run. He mentioned that after the first mile there is a big hill that will be tough.

Before the race everyone was called off the side of the road, and the race official gave a nice speech, thanking companies that donated supplies and thanking everyone that contributed to the cause the race supported.

We then moved to the starting line, and we were off. I started too far back, and had to weave a lot.  The flat mile one made for a fast mile 7:14.

Mile two was the hill my co-worker warned me about. After mile one, the race turned left. There was the uphill climb, but I thought the warning my co-worker gave was an over reaction.  Until I made it over the first knoll. It was one of those hills where you don’t see the whole thing right off the bat.  By the time I made it to top, I understood the concern. It was brutal. Mile two –  7:43.

Mile three,  7:14, the same as mile one. Nice down hill and flat sections. The last .1 mile was a quick 35 seconds.  Results are here. I came in 19th place, 13 second behind place number 18, but the same time as the person who came in 20th.  That was an exciting finish, and I congratulated and thanked the racer for doing so well and pushing me to a fast finish.


My next race is July 25 Richmond Area Health Center 5K $15 no fee at check out

I would have done one of these, if the entry fee was lower than Richmond’s:

July 4 Winthrop Friends of 4th 5K $22

July 18 Old Hallowell Day 5K Road Race $20

July 26 Pittston Fair Fun 5k $20

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