Richmond Richmond Area Health Center 5K July 25 2015

Looking at coolrunning’s race results I an amazed at the number of races that happened today, July 25, 2015:  Friends of the Belgrade Library 5K,  Casco Days Road Race, Lobster Roll 5 KM (Boothbay Harbor,) Down East Sunrise Trail Relay (Eastport,) MMCC 5K Trot for Autism (Lewiston,) Milbridge Days 5K,  Acton/Shapleigh Lions Club 5K, Peaks Island 5 Mile, and Richmond Area Health Center 5K.

I ran the Richmond race due to it being the lowest entry fee I could find this month. Funny though, when I was looking for July races, I didn’t see any of the other ones listed in the race schedule I checked out.  It doesn’t look like many decide what race to run based on entry price. I am sure most of the other races today were more expensive than this one, but the Richmond race had 50 runners while most of the other races had 100 or a lot more runners.

I enjoyed this race, though it was very tough, and had no mile markers. I arrived soon after 7AM and registered. I went for my five minute out and back run, ended up being 1.1 miles in 10 minutes 6 seconds. When I got back, a truck was placed in front of the entrance and exit of the lot I used, so I couldn’t get my car out. I figured it would be moved, maybe after the race started, so I didn’t say anything.  I saw someone drive across grass to get into the parking lot, and hoped I wouldn’t have to do that to get out.

At 7:45AM a call went out to the 1 mile racer/walkers. 10 to 15 people lined up, a horn was blown, a young girl ran out at a quick pace, and the others walked after her in a “look what that crazy girl” is doing way. I am not sure where the milers finished. I ran around a bit, trying to decide if I should wear my knee wrap or not. I used it today.

At 8AM we got in line to start. It was right in front of the truck that blocked the lot I mistakenly parked in. I wish it was labeled “no parking.” The starter set off a loud blaster thing and we were off. The first mile was cool. It weaved around some cross streets, cut across a dirt/grass path, and went down this very steep and fast-running down hill. I was happy I selected the race. But then the rest of mile one, and pretty much the remainder of the race was up hill. Mile one was the fastest: 7:02.

Most of the rest of the race was uphill, but not all of it. I tried to run the same pace up and down hills. Other than mile one where I took advantage of the down hill in that mile. During mile two, and some of mile three, I traded places with another male runner. Going down hills he quickly passed me. Going up hill I was able to catch and pass him.  Running like that is motivating and kind of fun. The runner spoke to me at the end of the race, and we mentioned our “battle.” Mile two was slower than mile one, 7:29.

Mile three still seemed mostly uphill, with a few down hill stretches. During one of the last down hill sections I heard a runner catching up to me. I assumed it was the same person. However, I was surprised a different runner pulled even with me: a youngish female.  We ran together for a half mile or so, but I am happy to say I finished ahead of her. Mile three went by a little faster than mile two: 7:25.

Endomomdo reported 3.08 total miles, so I think the course was a little short; not the 3.1 miles a 5K should be. The end results (link) showed I finished the entire race in 22:23, so I covered the distance from the end of mile three to the end of the race in 27 seconds. Oh well, I’ll take it as good progress. The last two races this year were 22:49 and 22:46. Net elevation for those two races were 32 and 16 feet uphill, respectively. This race was 35 feet uphill, but most of the down hill came in mile one. I feel good about the effort I gave in this race: 20+ seconds faster than the two previous races.

After the race was over and I got cleaned up, I had to go as Doreen and I were going to visit family.  The truck was still blocking me in. I asked a volunteer if the truck could be moved or if it would be OK if I drove across the lawn to get out. She tried to stare me down, to see if I would do/say something else. I have seen enough cop shows to know to not talk and just smile and wait for a response. She finally said if I don’t drive across the grass I wouldn’t be able to leave. I thanked her for giving me the ok to do it, and made my get away.

Here is the course:

RichmondCourseHere are the elevation and pace graphs:

RichmondGraphDoreen didn’t make it to the race, but she took this picture of me as I headed out. She said I look much better before the race than after it

Gardiner-20150725-00608Next race is the Dover-Foxcroft Pony 5K next Saturday August 1. I plan to send the application in this week, where it will cost $12. If I register the day of race it will be $15, which is still less than most races go for.


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