Unity Unity College Spring 5K April 16 2016

I started running almost 15 years ago, April 23, 2001. This race falls just before my running anniversary. The first two times I ran the race, 2002 and 2003, I was able to achieve the goal I set the previous year. My first goal was to run a 5K faster than seven minutes per mile. That comes to 21:40 or better. The fastest 2001 race: 21:59.  In 2002 I finished this race in 21:33, 6:58 pace, two whole seconds ahead of goal.

My 2002 hope was a less than 21 minute 5K. However, I did not get much faster. An August race ended in 21:27. I fell in love with this race in 2003, when I finished in 20:18! Being naive, I thought this was how it was going to work: set a goal and if I don’t get it, don’t worry, it will happen at this race the following year. Well, it stopped working. 2003 I set a sub 20 minute 5K goal. I finished this race in 2004 in 20:06, and 2005 in 20:04. That’s as fast as I got.

This year I ran mile one in 7:07, mile two in 7:38, mile three 7:34, and the last .1 miles in 35 seconds, finishing in 22:55. That is the slowest time I have run this course: 4/15/2007, 20:28; 4/19/2008, 21:01; 4/18/2009, 20:21; 2010 to 2014 did not run; and 2015, 22:06.
In 2001 I was 35 years old. This being my 15th running year means I turn the big 5-0 this year. Doreen snapped this appropriate picture during that nice down hill stretch at the start of the race. I laughed out loud after zooming in and noticed the sign above my head.





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I like to read, run, and watch tv.
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