Gray Patriot 5K May 21 2016

The second race of 2016 was 30 seconds slower than my first race. Bummer. I could not find online race results for the first race, but my Garmin watch recorded 22:55.  Today’s race results were quickly posted, my time being 23:25.  I stopped my Garmin watch a bit over one second later as it recorded 23:26.8.

Doreen and I got up at 6AM, my normal work day start time. The night before I packed supplies for today, well documented in other posts: running outfit, change of clothes, two Gatorades, two sodas, towel, and deodorant.  I was happy to remember my running sneakers, but will say I was just about backing out the driveway when I remembered them. A thing to add to the list that Doreen suggested: a plastic grocery bag to store stuff. I don’t know how she does it, but she always sees something I am missing, and corrects it for me.

We arrived in Gray a bit after 8AM and parked. Doreen was not too fond of the parking. It was on a mowed field. Luckily the grass was very dry. I made the trip to the registration and then back to the car by myself, but then Doreen decided to join me at the start of the race. Eventually Steven showed. Doreen got a lot of photos and Steven got one nice video.

It is very flat, and if anything more down hill then up. Mile one was 7:22 and mile two and three were both 7:35. According to the race results, I covered the last .1 miles in 53 seconds, which would be a disappointing 8:50 pace.  My Garmin watch had .14 miles after the third mile, covering the distance in 55 seconds, which would be, I think, a more accurate 6:33 pace.

How is this for some creative running calculations: my Garmin watch recorded the April race as 3.08 miles, 22:55, for a 7:26 pace.  The Garmin watch recorded the May race as 3.14 miles, 23:27, for a 7:28 pace, only two seconds per mile slower. If I use 3.1 miles the April pace is 7:23 while the May pace is a whole 10 seconds slower, 7:33. I just wish I could get the Gray race to come out faster some how.

It is a very big race.  I came in 103rd place, and there were a total of 720 runners,

Here is a screen grab of Steven’s video from the start:

startHere is picture Doreen took at the end:



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