Auburn Emily’s Run 5K July 24, 2016

This year’s race season started in April, and then a May race. I found a June 5K, but got crossed up registering on-line. A message appeared stating the transaction did not go through. However, an email arrived stating the credit card order processed. I contacted the officials of the June race, and they confirmed I was NOT registered. Some time later, I got a reminder email about the race. I didn’t want to spend extra running $ in June, so ended up not racing that month. Turned out I did not get charged.

For the July race, I signed up for Emily’s Run 5K in Auburn. A bit ago I searched my running blog and was surprised to see I ran this one in 2011. I completely forgot! After reading the report, I am happy to write I remembered it. I became discouraged thinking no way would I run as fast as I did back then. That turned out to be true.

In 2011 I described mile one this way: “My goal was to run 6:59 or faster pace. Over the first few hundred yards/meters my Garmin reported 7:40 or so pace. I started too far back in this crowded event. Eventually the runners thinned out. I was happy to see on my Garmin, and hear from the mile one volunteer, 7:03 as the time of the first mile.” The only thing in common this year was “I started too far back in this crowded event.” I didn’t have a goal, runners did not thin out at all during the first mile, and mile one went by this time in 8:12 on my watch; 8:23 net time that was called out at the mile one marker.

Mile one in 2011 was at race pace, but mile one this year was more of a fast tempo run. Mile two in 2011 went by in 6:49, while 2016 took 7:23. I think the 7:23 is my current race pace. Mile two was where runners thinned out this year. I was able to pass many. 2011 race results show 496 finished. Before this year’s race, and an announcement was made that over 600 people were racing today. The results were posted quickly, and showed 603 participants.

As described in the 2011 report, mile two and the last part of the race is downhill, and the rest is uphill. A tough course. Mile three went by in 7:25 in 2011 and 7:40 this year. In 2011 I was struggling to keep the pace and not get passed. This year I was able to pass quite a few, and felt I should apologize because I had run so slow during mile one.

The race ended on a track. I usually am in the 40-second range for the last tenth of a mile. This race is a bit long as I’ve ended 20 to 30 seconds slower both times. Overall feeling after this race was, “why am I still doing this?”  Bummer.


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